Pillar Wealth Advisors, LLC


Pillar Wealth Advisors, LLC is an independently-owned and operated, fee based wealth management firm, headquartered in West Chester, PA.

Our experienced and dedicated team serves the planning and wealth management needs of select families, business-owners and institutions from across the nation. At Pillar Wealth Advisors, LLC, we are unique in the integrated approach we take to the planning for and management of our client's wealth. This integrated approach includes the following " Pillars "

Wealth Management

Our team of experienced advisors will design a Wealth Plan that seeks to direct you from your current financial situation toward financial freedom. Because the only constant in life is change, we will provide regular reviews and modifications of your Wealth Plan, assuring that it is current and dynamic.

Portfolio Management

Our 4-step investment process, called Advance & Protect, first and foremost attempts to protect our clients' wealth through deep fundamental analysis, quantitatively-based tactical asset allocation and a belief that, during times of market stress and turmoil, cash and other liquid reserves can be as important an asset class as any in a client's portfolio.

Risk Management

Our team will identify the risks that could be catastrophic to your Wealth Plan and to your family. We will evaluate life, long-term care, and disability coverage and will seek to recommend solutions to mitigate those risks.

Estate Planning

At your passing, you can leave your wealth to your family, your favorite charitable causes OR to the government...the share going to the government can often be shocking. Through our integrated planning process, we will help you maximize the amount of your wealth going to your family and chosen charities. We will establish a comprehensive estate plan that leaves little to chance!

Tax Planning

Every aspect of your Wealth, Risk Management and Estate plans must be delicately coordinated to ensure the most efficient outcomes as to taxes. Through our years of experience and our constant education, we can skillfully deliver such coordination.