Insurance Services

One unfortunate event can spell financial catastrophe, tearing down the financial security many have spent a lifetime building. Consequently, insurance becomes a critical tool to protect and preserve one's financial well-being.

While we are expertly qualified and have deep experience with all types of life, disability and long-term care insurance, we prefer to think of insurance as a tool with which a family or a business can:

  • Protect against the loss of income as a result of a death or disability
  • Provide for the payment of potentially crippling (financially) medical and skilled care expenses associated with an illness, an accident or mental incapacity
  • Provide needed liquid funds to pay estate taxes, rather than having to sell assets a family would rather keep (e.g., a business, a family home, collectibles, etc.)
  • Recruit, reward, retain and retire high-caliber employees in a business with tax-free dollars
  • Fund the orderly transition of ownership of a business in the event of loss of a major shareholder/owner
  • Fulfill a family's charitable inclinations in an economically efficient way
  • Provide an alternative investment asset class that can often have more-predictable outcomes than other asset classes.

Able to access literally dozens of highly-rated insurance companies, our advisors are not tied to just a single carrier or set of products. Our extensive experience in insurance planning provides broad expertise in helping to create solutions based upon our clients' unique needs.